Clifford P. Kubiak

Laboratory Location and Contact Information

Laboratory Location

Pacific Hall, University of California, San Diego
Laboratories: Rooms 4220, 4219, 4216, 4215
Officies: Rooms 4213, 4223B, 4222B
Lab Phone (858) 822-2477

Contact Information

University of California, San Diego
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Pacific Hall Rm 4213
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, California 92093-0358

Support and Funding
We gratefully acknowledge the following agencies for their support of our research program:

University of California, San Diego
Harold C. Urey Endowment
NSF Chemistry Division, Engineering Division
AFOSR Chemical Physics
AFOSR BioAutomated Catalysis (with Gianneschi, Burkhart, Tezcan, and Gilson groups at UCSD)
National Science Foundation
DOE Basic Energy Sciences
DARPA Surface Catalysis for Energy