Cliff Kubiak

Clifford P. Kubiak

Double Box Regeneration


All of the glove boxes should be regenerated once a month for optimal performance. Should there be a large chemical spill or a chemical release that would compromise the integrity of the dry box catalyst, then the box should be regenerated ASAP!

It takes about 16 hours for complete regeneration of the catalyst in the dry box. The most convenient time to start a regeneration cycle is in the late afternoon, so that it can run over the course of the evening.


Post a sign on the double box that indicates the box is “OUT OF ORDER”. The lab members seem to respond well to the LOLCAT sign which has a cute little kitty on it.

Purge the box for 10 minutes.

Set up a vacuum trap between the large anti-chamber and the vacuum pump. This will prevent potentially corrosive/nasty chemicals from getting into the vacuum pump. Don’t forget to make the trap cold by placing it in a dewar of liquid nitrogen.

Place both anti-chambers under static vacuum.

Close the inlet circulation valve. Then close the outlet circulation valve. The circulation valves are located on the back side of the glovebox.

Turn the glovebox blower to 0%. Do this by pushing the down arrow from the main menu.

Attach forming gas (N2/H2 5%) to the catalyst box.

Turn on forming gas tank. Set the regulator such that the outgoing pressure is 35psi.

Go to DRI-TRAIN CONTROL MENU and push down arrow until you can select SOLVENT REGEN SEQUENCE. Push function key to start.

After 10-20 minutes, check to see that regeneration is happening smoothly. Make sure there are no error messages and that the timer is still counting down. You may now leave the box to do it’s thing overnight.


Turn off the forming gas at the tank. Remove the hose.


Open the INLET circulation valve, slowly. This fills the catalyst camber with nitrogen.

Open the OUTLET valve.

Change pump oil.

Empty catalyst outlet hose

Turn the vacuum pump back on. Put the antechambers under vacuum.

Turn blower back on to 50%.

Pat yourself on the back.