Cliff Kubiak

Clifford P. Kubiak

Description of Lab Jobs

Computers: Duties include purchasing software and upgrades, backing up all new software on compact disc (be sure to make a separate copy for Cliff and notify him of changes to lab computers), and keeping the computers, printers, and network in running order. This includes supplying toner and paper.

Waste Disposal: Use the online waste tags to label all waste as soon as the container is started. If any waste issues arise let the lab safety and waste coordinator know so that they can be taken care of immediately. Also, monitor the time that waste is in your personal area so that it is not there longer than the maximum allowable time.

Lab N2: Responsibilities include keeping the lab supplied with "house" N2 for schlenk lines, glove boxes, IR, etc. The auxiliary argon or N2 cylinders near each glove box must also be kept operational. At no time for any reason should the N2 levels be allowed to drop to the point that the glove boxes become contaminated. The liquid N2 tank for trap N2 must also maintained.

Fire Extinguishers: Fire extinguishers need to be checked by a lab member every month to verify proper working order and pressure, and a fire extinguisher should be kept at every doorway in the lab.

Glassware Inventory/Repair: Any broken but economically repairable glassware should be taken to the glassblower and returned to appropriate storage location. All lab members should be aware of glassware inventory and purchase additional glassware as needed.

Dry Boxes: Regenerate every month and change pump oil after each regeneration. Change gloves periodically.

Hoods: Police the hood areas to keep clean and check the fume hood survey card periodically to make sure they do not need to be serviced or inspected.

Freezers: Defrost and clean out freezers every 6 months.

Centrifuge and Sonicator: Individuals are to keep these items clean and in working order, and keeps areas around these tools neat.

Tool Bench: The area where the tools are stored should be kept neat and all tools should be stored in their designated area so anyone can find them easily and quickly for use.

Vacuum Pumps: Change pump oil every 6 weeks on all line pumps, including the filtration pumps for glove boxes, keeping oil stocked in lab. Glove box pumps may need to be changed more often depending on activity of box.

Solvent System: Always record use, notify those in charge of system if tanks are low, monitor ultra-pure argon level, and use good practice by following solvent system manual located next to apparatus.

Chemical Inventory: Make sure the inventory for the area next to your hood is up to date and always re-order chemicals that are used lab-wide if they get low.

Balances: Check on and keep area clean near all balances, calibrate when necessary, and make sure they are always balances using bubble meter on the machine itself.

Base Baths: Clean and refill base baths periodically (as needed). Ask a senior lab member for refill procedure if unclear.

Ovens: Label any glassware going in to the oven with your initials and try to keep oven use to a minimum.

Rotary Evaporator: Maintain rotovap and area and keep all glassware associated with the rotovap clean.

GC: Change tanks (N2 and He), septa, and injection port liners.

FTIR, IR Cells, KBr Presses: Maintain IR and cells, maintain contact with companies for repair, and always backup computers that operate these IRs.

Electrochemistry Equipment: Always reserve before use and make sure sufficient knowledge of the apparatus is obtained before using.

UV-vis and Cells: UV-vis area is kept neat and UV-vis is kept working. UV-vis cells should be monitored such that matching cells are available for use.

AFM: Do not use this equipment unless you have been instructed by a senior lab member in how to do so and make sure the area around the AFM stays clean so as not to contaminate samples.

Ellipsometer: Do not use this equipment unless you have been instructed by a senior lab member in how to do so and make sure area around the ellipsometer is neat and clean.