Cliff Kubiak

Clifford P. Kubiak

Our Favorite Molecules

Note: Some of these molecules are no longer in use in the Kubiak lab and have therefore not been made by current lab members. These procedures are carryovers from the 1995 edition of the Kubiak Lab Manual. Ask around before trying these procedures and use common sense regarding safety.

  • μ-methylene Diphosphine Ligands
    1. Bis(dichlorophosphino)methane (dcpm)
    2. Bis(dimethylphosphino)methane (dmpm)
  • Isocyanides
    1. Methyl Isocyanide
    2. Labeled Methyl Isocyanide
    3. Perdeuteriomethyl Methyl Isocyanide
  • Chloro-1,5-cyclooctadiene Metal(I) Dimer
    1. [MCl(COD)]2 M=Rh,Ir and [RhCl(cod)]2
  • Palladium(I) and Platinum(I) Dinuclear Complexes
    1. [Pd2(CNMe)6][PF6]2
    2. [Pt2(CNMe)6][BF4]2
    3. [PdPt(CNMe)6][PF6]2
  • Nickel(O) Dinuclear Complexes
    1. Ni2(CNMe)3(dppm)2
    2. Ni2(CO)3(dppm)2